Lifeline Batteries

Lifeline Batteries have earned global recognition as the premium sealed AGM battery technology. Professionals from a multitude of industries have benefited first hand from the overwhelming success rate of our battery line. Lifeline Batteries are manufactured in West Covina, California by the Concorde Battery Corporation and is a US family owned and operated company. The Lifeline Battery technology is a direct spin off from Concorde's industry leading aerospace battery lines. All of these batteries satisfy the rigorous demands from many branches of the US Military and a host of industrial and private sector applications. 1. All orders under $3000 will be charged at Level 3 pricing and include freight charges. 2. Level 4 is reserved for orders $3000 or more, with 3 different part numbers and will include free shipping. 3. Level 5 is TRUCKLOAD orders and free shipping.
Product Type: 
Minimum Order: 
Free Freight US: 
$3,500 in three different part numbers
Free Freight Canada: 
$3,500 in three different part numbers
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