Firefly Energy

Firefly’s revolutionary battery technology was originally developed at the Research and Development laboratory of CATERPILLAR, Inc., a world-renowned manufacturer of heavy equipment, with significant internal investments and funding from major financial institutions. When CATERPILLAR made a decision to shed its non-core equipment businesses in 2010, Firefly International Energy Co. acquired the technology along with all the existing patents, manufacturing equipment and key personnel. With new investments, the company is now internally manufacturing the patented Microcell Carbon Foam, the key ingredient in the new revolutionary battery, at a fraction of the cost, The company has also set up a large scale, world class manufacturing facility in India under a licensing arrangement. The company’s world headquarters are located at its original location in Peoria. Illinois, where R&D, process development and product customization are carried out. Finished product inventory is maintained at the ware houses in Peoria, Illinois.
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1 battery
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       2180 Immokalee Rd., Suite 205
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